What is 3D Decorative Panel sheets?

They are no-adhesive sheets whose various printing roll patterns and embossing roll patters made from PVC feel natural texture. and used widly in not only household items but also surface of office furniture, house furniture, kitchen furniture.

used in interior/exterior Materials of furniture, office furniture, building material(door leaf, doorframe, interior design), kitchen furniture, case for audio devices, etc.


Standard Table of 3D Decorative Panel sheets

Sort Standard Use Type of wood
for Overlay 전면지 surface of furniture PP,MDF
for Wrapping 0.15mm moulding MDF
for Wrapping(Door) 0.2mm moulding, ABS door MDF
for Molding 0.3mm door of built-in wardrobe,
door of kitchen furniture
for Edge 0.45/0.6mm finishing material of doorframe

3D Decorative Panel sheets are used for various use and all products can be made to order what you want with standard, color, pattern for your intended use.

Product Structure and Quality Characteristic


Product Structure of 3D Decorative Panel sheets